Solar Panel Cleaning Creswick



Reach to us today for the professional solar panel cleaning Creswick residents trust. Did you know that a dirty solar panel loses its efficiency by 25% to 50%? You wouldn’t like that! But cleaning them is a difficult task you’d rather leave to the professionals, especially if these are installed in high places.

Ballarat Vac and Pumping Solutions can help you clean your solar panels and remove dirt build-up on them. This is to prolong the life of your solar panels and maintain their efficiency for years to come.

We’ve got professional cleaning experts using the best cleaning equipment to make your solar panels function in top working condition! We see to it that we clear your panels from mould, bird droppings, and other external elements by using environment-friendly products. Our cleaning staff are fully insured and strictly observe Australian safety standards. Our specialists are the best in solar panel cleaning in Creswick.


Ballarat Vac and Pumping Solutions is 100% committed to customer satisfaction so much that we guarantee quality work from start to finish.


We guarantee your total satisfaction when it comes to pumping, vacuuming, draining, and cleaning services.

Just some of the things we do:

  • Gutter cleaning high access
  • Stormwater pit cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Blow-in insulation removal
  • Pressure washing
  • EPA approved liquid waste removal
  • Triple interceptor grease traps
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Site clean-ups
  • Non-hazardous excavation digging around services without the danger of doing damage