Professional Vac and Pumping Solutions Ballarat

Ballarat Vac and Pumping Solutions is the region’s leading provider of professional vac and pumping solutions in Ballarat and surrounding areas. With applications ranging from gutter vacuum cleaning to non-hazardous drain pit excavations, water tank cleaning, roof cavity removal (blow-in insulation removal), EPA liquid waste removal, and much more. We offer a full line of services for all your pumping needs. There is no limit to our capabilities.

We are the preferred contractor for our local council and leading private schools as we are fully insured and have all safety accreditations. Our specifically designed Wet and Dry truck-mounted vacuum takes care of not only leaves and debris, but also the mud and water that lay in the bottom of the gutter which causes rust and long-term damage to your household gutter system. Importantly, we leave no mess because our specifically designed system takes all the waste away.


Ballarat Vac and Pumping Solutions are 100% committed to customer satisfaction so much that we guarantee quality work from start to finish.


We guarantee your total satisfaction when it comes to pumping, vacuuming, draining, and cleaning services.

Just some of the things we do:

  • Gutter cleaning high access
  • Stormwater pit cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Blow-in insulation removal
  • Pressure washing
  • EPA approved liquid waste removal
  • Triple interceptor grease traps
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Site clean-ups
  • Non-hazardous excavation digging around services without the danger of doing damage